What have we been doing at VisavisNet...


Highlights of the Year

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Year 2009

VisavisNet started to sail on the eco sea, Emma was titled as "The Most Enterprising" by Global Environmental Institute, in Beijing. VisavisNet's website www.visavisNet.com (in Chinese) was launched in Aug.  The initiative team was formed.



Year 2010

VisavisNet co-organized the International Water Future Forum in Beijing, Emma was one of the two facilitators, on the theme of Cross Sector Cooperation on Water Field.  Our sub-website www.visavisImage.com (in English) on visual commuication services was launched in Oct..  Part of the income from this project then has been used to support VisavisNet's main business in publications and developing a high quality business network among our target audience of business and business decision makers...

Year 2011

Emma visited Hongkong and the USA as one of the 30 social entreprise leaders in the ECSEL program from China... Writing and polishing the book.

Year 2012

 Our first book A Wolrd That's Turning Green - Intelligent Solutions on the Ecology of Commerce was published by Science Press.  400 copies were sold in the first week after it was published and 5000 by the end of the year.  The book was presented on Hongkong Asia Bookfair. The book was reported widely by Tensent News, Soho Green, Xinhua Books, Baidu, CRTV (Cameroon in Africa) etc. It was marked "5 starts" on Dangdang.com and Amazon.cn by most of our readers.

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After Emma's visit to Africa in Feb., we started to work on CAEBA (China Africa Eco-business Alliance) project.

Year 2013

Google the key word "生态商业” (eco-business in China) , our book and our website appear on the no.1 and no.5 on the first page.  Hundreds of content parnters and thousands of face-to-face contacts have been developed.

Year 2014-2015

Google the key word "生态商业” ('eco-business' in Chinese) , VisavisNet's website appeared on the no.1 since 2014. Working on the plan and feasibility of setting up Visavis Smart Eco Hub (VisavisHub) in Shanghai...

Year 2016

We've set up a strategic partnership project called 'VisavisLink' with YarlungSoft China, a pioneer high tech company who has developed the first IoT smart terminal operation system called 'DthingOS' leading to a potential huge business eco-system in the coming years globally.


Year 2017 to present

Launched our EBMP (Eco-Business Model Palette) visual tool and our EBMP workshop program mainly for leading and potential companies building a data-driven business eco system.

All the best,

Xiangdian, Emma CHEN

Founder | VisavisNet & VisavisImage

LinkedIn: http://cn.linkedin.com/in/xiangdian